What makes a feminist?

What makes a feminist?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming elections

I have gone back and forth on the presidental race, not sure who to vote for.

My conscience will not allow me to support a candidate that does not support LGBT rights, nor can I in good faith vote for someone who does not have a consistent view on the sanctity of life.

Romney does not have a consistent view.  His stance on abortion changes depending on who he's talking to.  The only thing he's consistent about is his inconsistency.  Furthermore, he has given no indication that he will take steps to ensure that the other vulnerable among us (most notably the poor) are also protected.  I was as appalled as many others when he referred to 47% of the country as people little better than freeloaders.  He is out of touch with most of the country, period.

And yet there's Obama.  As a Democrat, he cannot be counted on to be pro-life.  Very few Democrats are openly so, I don't think they can even get party support without openly condoning the murder of the unborn.  And yet...he's made historically significant steps in making sure health care is available to all, and in acknowledging the need for equality for LGBT families. 

I don't believe that abortion will be ended through criminalization, but rather through a strengthening of the social safety net that ensures a safe world for every child to be born into.  I certainly don't trust the Libertarian party to maintain that safety net!  I used to identify as Libertarian, but I found it lacking in compassion.  We all have responsibilities towards each other and it is troubling to me that people would neglect that duty to their fellow man.  I've been accused of being a Socialist, but if that's true then Socialism has I think made me more compassionate.

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