What makes a feminist?

What makes a feminist?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'll get back to other blogging soon, I promise

Flu bugs have hit our household. But in other news...

"Bleep My Dad Says" is a comedy based on the site Shit My Dad Says. Basic premise, 20-something guy loses his job, moves back with his dad. Pretty typical story of the current economy. Said 20-something man's father is a foul-mouthed (obviously edited for television) wise-cracking retiree played by William Shatner. Hubby is a William Shatner fan (yes, he's a Trekkie). So I'll sometimes watch with him. It has funny moments.

The most recent episode, however, left me bothered enough to contemplate writing to the station to complain. Here is a brief summary.

The scene that disturbed me was towards the end, when Henry comes home from his "date" with a torn shirt and walking gingerly (as if to imply forced sodomy) after a night of rough and violent sexual activity.

And it was used not as a sobering realization that men can also be raped...but as a comedic device!

I'll repeat that: RAPE was used for COMEDY.

Are you mad yet? I sure am.

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