What makes a feminist?

What makes a feminist?

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Why Giving Up A Child For Adoption Would Be Wrong For Me. Because "women's rights" equal "rights to kill their children", don't ya know? I bet this woman wouldn't have the guts to tell a childless couple this to their face. Plenty of anti-adoption comments on the article as well.

I keep hearing the argument that no woman should be forced to serve as an "incubator". What so many of them fail to realize is that, sexist as it may sound, that is what their bodies are designed to do.

The primary purpose of the uterus is to house a developing baby. Period. It is an incubation part.

If you don't like this fact, either get rid of it or take responsibility for it. We tell women to get breast exams, pap smears, exercise regularly-all in the name of taking responsibility for our bodies so that unwanted things don't happen to it. Don't want babies? There are a multitude of options out there up to and including removal of the uterus.

I support feminism in theory, but the denial of personal responsibility (dirty words to many feminists)is appalling.

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