What makes a feminist?

What makes a feminist?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fixing poverty--as the LOLcat would say, ur doin it wrong

Let's fix it by punishing children born out of wedlock!

No, no, and NO. This is not the solution.

A peaceful society cannot exist where a child conceived/born in one set of circumstances (in this case, out of wedlock) is treated as inferior to another child born/conceived within wedlock.

The answer cannot be in withholding assistance to children born out of wedlock. Whether you believe marriage is a sacred bond or merely a piece of paper that affords legal perks, the ones who suffer the most from lack of support are the children. America can not simultaneously claim to value life and fail to support it.

We aren't losing a huge chunk of tax dollars on these "welfare queens" (and for the record, I hate that term. Racist/classist much?). It doesn't anger me. You know what does? Corporate bailouts for billionaires. They're not going to starve if suddenly they become millionaires instead of billionaires.

No distinction should ever be made with regard to the conditions surrounding the birth of any child. All children must be welcome and accepted!

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